Child Custody Lawyer in Jonesboro and McDonough, Georgia

You may be getting divorced, but you still want the best for your children. Child custody battles have the potential to be long and arduous affairs as you try and determine both legal and physical custody. At the law offices of Randall L. Keen, P.C., we are dedicated to helping parents address custody matters while always keeping the best interests of the children in mind.

It is important to remember that in addition to your rights in a custody matter, your children have legal rights as well. Children 14 years or older can generally choose the parent they want to live with, while children who are 12 and 13 years old can make their custody preference known to the judge.

Attorney Randall Keen has handled countless child custody and family law matters throughout his over twenty years of practice. He is a dedicated advocate who will take the necessary steps to protect your rights and your children's rights. Mr. Keen provides comprehensive custody information to parents and represents clients dealing with custody matters within the context of a divorce or between parents who have never been married.

In addition to initial child custody matters, we also handle the following legal matters:

  • Primary Custody/Joint Custody: There are many different terms that apply in custody cases. We take the time to explain the different types of custody and determine which may be right for you and your children.
  • Visitation: You have a right to spend time with your children and your children have a right to know you. If you are being denied your visitation rights, we can help you obtain a court order that must be followed by the other parent.
  • Relocation: When a parent wants to move out of state with a child or children, a modification of child custody or visitation may be necessary. Our firm can help you navigate the modification process, whether you are seeking the relocation or resisting the relocation.
  • Modification and Enforcement: We handle those situations in which modifications need to be made to an existing child custody order or orders need to be enforced.

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To further explore your options in a child custody situation, contact an experienced lawyer as soon as possible. The Jonesboro offices of Randall L. Keen, P.C. is here to help. Our firm strives to reach a resolution to your custody case as efficiently and effectively as possible.