Landlord/Tenant Attorney Serving South Metro Atlanta

One of Attorney Randall Keen's duties when he served as a Clayton County Magistrate Judge was to preside over Landlord/Tenant cases.

The most common case involved a Tenant who had defaulted on their obligation to pay the rent as directed in the written lease. The Landlord would then file a Dispossessory action to have the non-paying Tenant removed from the premises.

The first thing a Judge wants to see in such a case is a copy of the written lease. Although a written lease is not required, it is very helpful to define the rights and obligations of both the Landlord and the Tenant.

The next thing a Judge wants to know is whether or not the rent has been paid. If not, why not. The inability of a Tenant to pay because of health concerns, loss of a job or family crisis, unfortunately, does not justify the failure to pay rent. It is the responsibility of the Tenant to prove that the rent has been paid.

The Judge will want to know if the Tenant has requested repairs to the premises which may have been ignored by the Landlord. In some cases, if the Tenant hires a third party to make these repairs, the Tenant may offset the cost of the repairs from the rent.

Whether you are a Landlord or a Tenant, the laws of Landlord/Tenant can be tricky and confusing and, as such, it is best to have an experienced lawyer to represent your interests.

Randall L. Keen is a former judge with experience in Landlord/Tenant Law. Please contact Randall Keen to discuss your particular questions.