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Our firm represents individuals who have been seriously injured or killed as a result of the negligence of others. We focus primarily on serious injuries or death caused by automobile collisions and trucking collisions.

Our experience in cases of this nature spans over 20 years. We have handled hundreds of cases and we have recovered millions of dollars for our clients.

Personal injury is just that... it is personal to those affected. Most clients are in pain and through no fault of their own find themselves thrust into an unfamiliar world of doctors and insurance companies... and medical bills. They need an experienced attorney to represent them and to guide them through the legal process.

While many law firms boast of their ability to handle cases involving car wrecks, personal injury, trucking accidents, or wrongful death, they in fact refer such cases to outside counsel. We are a firm that actually takes the case from start to finish. One of our main sources for cases comes from referrals from other lawyers.

From the time of your free consultation when you initially meet your attorney until your case is resolved you will be treated with dignity and respect. Our staff is compassionate and accommodating and will strive to put you at ease. Perhaps most importantly, we are here when you need us. Call us or stop in and we will answer any questions you may have with respect to the status of your case.


Most of the time any money recovered as a result of personal injury or wrongful death comes from insurance companies. Rest assured that the insurance companies are well represented through highly experienced legal counsel. To proceed with your case without the benefit of legal counsel would place you at a distinct disadvantage.


Immediately after the crash causing the injury or death.

The preservation of evidence may be critical to your case.

Serious cases involving catastrophic injuries or death are typically well documented by thorough police investigations. Your lawyer will coordinate with the police entity to preserve needed information. In some cases an independent investigation may be necessary. Your lawyer can discuss these options with you.

Insurance companies will contact you for a statement. Never give a statement without first consulting a lawyer. Typically there are at least two insurance companies involved. Your insurance company, the one you've paid premiums to for years, and the other driver's insurance company. The 'no statement' rule applies to both companies. In the event the wrongdoers insurance company has limited or no funds, under certain circumstances your own insurance company may ultimately be paying the claim. With this in mind, they may not be acting in your best interests, Beware, an ill-given statement will come back to haunt you later.


As you might imagine, this depends on many factors. The lawyer's job is first to gather information regarding how the accident occurred in order to confirm that liability exists . Liability exists when the other driver is at fault. In the case of an injured passenger, liability is easier to demonstrate unless the passenger somehow contributed to the collision. As a general rule police reports help determine fault and thus liability

Once liability is determined, next the lawyer gathers medical information from medical providers who are treating the injured person. The extent of injuries, the cost of treatment and whether or not there is a need for future treatment are all very important. The legal case follows the medical case, never the other way around. Once we have a clear understanding of the injuries, treatment and costs, the lawyer is now in a position to recommend a settlement proposal to the client and ultimately a demand on the insurance company.


In the case of a personal injury, the value of a case is generally determined by the amount of past and future pain and suffering the injured person sustained or is likely to sustain as well as the cost of past and future medical treatment and whether or not the collision caused any permanent disability.

The value of the case may be enhanced if the wrongdoer was under the influence of illegal drugs or alcohol or was otherwise violating the law at the time of the wreck.

In the case of a wrongful death, the value of the case is the value of the whole life of the decedent as well as any pain and suffering the decedent may have suffered prior to his/her death.

Regardless of whether it's a matter involving personal injury or wrongful death, your lawyer will recommend a settlement amount based upon the individual facts of your case. Once the lawyer and the client have agreed upon a settlement strategy then the lawyer will negotiate with the insurance company(s) in an attempt to resolve the matter without the need for filing a lawsuit. Most cases are resolved in this manner.

In the event reasonable settlement negotiations fail then the next step is to file a lawsuit. Thereafter the value of the case may still be negotiated but if not, it will be determined by a judge or jury.


Nothing. We handle personal injury and wrongful death cases on a contingent basis. That is, we receive payment out of the proceeds of the case when the case resolves. Generally we receive 33 1/3% of the gross proceeds if no suit has been filed and 40% when suit has been filed. Our engagement contract sets out the particulars of our fees and the scope of representation.


Bring the police report if you have it. If not, don't worry we'll get it for you. Bring a copy of your automobile policy or declarations page. Bring any photographs you have taken of the scene, the vehicles or yourself. Also bring any statements made by witnesses and medical records/bills to date.


Can my lawyer who primarily practices in Metro Atlanta handle my case in Savannah or
Macon or Columbus or Valdosta?
Yes. Our firm handles cases all over the state.

What if the wrongdoing driver is from out of state? As long as the wreck occurred in Georgia then Georgia courts still have jurisdiction and therefore we can still help.

Do different laws apply if I am struck by a tractor trailer who is a common carrier? Yes. There are different laws that apply which may well be beneficial to you.

How long do I have to assert my claim? Generally, there is a 2 year statute of limitations. This means that after 2 years your claim is forever barred. Another reason not to delay contacting your attorney.

In the event of a wrongful death claim is it necessary to involve the probate court? Yes. We will handle that for you as part of the wrongful death case.

What if I have uninsured motorist coverage on my automobile policy. Will it help? It might depending on the seriousness of the claim and the amount by which it exceeds the liability policy. Your lawyer will discuss this with you in the initial meeting.

What if I have medical payments coverage on my automobile policy. Will it help? Yes. Your lawyer will discuss this with you in the initial meeting.

Does it affect my case if my medical bills are paid by Medicare, Medicaid or health insurance? Yes. Your lawyer will discuss this with you in the initial meeting.

If I can't come to you will you come to me? Yes. We make both home visits and hospital visits. We understand that your injuries may prevent mobility and we will accommodate you any way we can.

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