Jonesboro and McDonough Property Division Attorney

One of the main concerns clients have when dealing with a divorce is how their property and assets are going to be divided. In fact, property division is frequently one of the most contested issues for individuals going through the divorce process.

Our staff at the Jonesboro office of Randall L. Keen, P.C. provides clients with carefully tailored divorce representation. Our attorney, Randall Keen, has over twenty years of experience handling complex property division cases. He is thorough in his assessment of the situation and aggressive in his advocacy for your rights.

There are many types of marital assets and marital property that may be subject to division including:

  • Homes
  • Vacation property
  • Cars
  • Pension
  • Stock options
  • Retirement savings (IRA and 401K)

Business Division

When a couple is in business together, it can complicate the process of property division considerably. When attempting to determine the value of the business subject to division, we will enlist the assistance of business valuation experts and other professionals. By accurately assessing the proper value, we can more easily determine how the business assets and debt should be divided.

Marital Debt

Please note, debt is also divided equitably upon divorce from your spouse. We can help you determine which debts are subject to division and which may be properly classified as personal debt.

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For more information on marital property division and other divorce-related issues, contact an experienced lawyer as soon as possible. The Jonesboro offices of Randall L. Keen, P.C. is here to help. Our office is dedicated to helping you obtain the property settlement that you deserve.