Clayton County Tractor-Trailer Accident Attorney

As licensed professionals, truck drivers are held to a higher standard. People expect truck drivers to maintain their lanes, drive the speed limit, obey traffic signals, drive at a reasonable speed and follow other traffic laws. When someone is hurt in a serious accident caused by a professional driver, there is a higher degree of blame. However, this higher degree of blame does not mean an accident victim will have an easier time receiving just compensation after an accident. On the contrary, without the help of experienced personal injury attorney on your side, you could lose valuable time, spend more in the process than necessary, and ultimately lose out on the full compensation award to which you are entitled.

At Randall L. Keen, P.C., you will find a Clayton County tractor-trailer accident lawyer with 28 years of experience and a shared commitment throughout our firm to giving each client the best representation possible. We represent clients in Clayton County and Henry County, Georgia, who have suffered back and neck injuries, broken bones, scarring, brain injuries, other serious injuries and the loss of those they love.

After a serious accident involving an 18-wheeler, your highest priority should be to recover physically and mentally. We will handle all aspects of your motor vehicle accident case — including research, accident reconstruction, settlement negotiations, case preparation and other matters — so that you can focus on getting better.

Negotiating Through Strength

In tractor-trailer accidents, there is usually a greater amount of insurance available, and different laws making filing a personal injury claim against a trucking company simpler than filing a claim for other motor vehicle accident claims. However, there is a lot to lose for trucking companies and their insurance carriers, so they can be extremely aggressive in these cases.

It is critical to let the insurance company know that we are prepared to take it forward if needed. When negotiating with insurance companies, we always come prepared, with a full understanding of the facts and laws involved with the case, including witnesses' testimonies, medical records and other documentation.

Handling cases of this kind as a law firm since 1991, we know that we can get you a better outcome by being prepared.

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